Welcome to Physicians Now Urgent Care

no-herding-zoneWhen you need urgent care, you don’t want to be treated as if you’re just another patient. At Physicians Now urgent center and walk-in clinic, you’ll receive affordable, timely emergency room treatment for all your requirements. Experience competent, compassionate care from a team of medical professionals led by an ER doctor 7 days a week, with or without an appointment. Mid-level ER treatment means patients get the same care without the ERs’ long wait times and high costs. At Physicians Now, you’re not just a number waiting to be seen. You matter. We care.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve been in a car accident you should see a doctor to evaluate your injuries, make sure you are fine and don’t require any further treatment.

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Lacerations and Stitches

When you need care for a laceration or require stitches, our urgent care center can help you immediately without an appointment.

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Pre-Operative Exams

If you are scheduled for surgery, your doctor may request an exam to evaluate your health and determine how you will handle the procedure.

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Fractures & Broken Bones

Bone injuries happen at the worst time. If you need urgent care for a fracture or broken bone, our medical professionals are here for you.

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