Discover how patient treatment procedures work in our urgent care center in Rockville MD. When you get sick at night, on the weekend or over a holiday, you don’t want to wait until the next business day to see your doctor. You may have decided to avoid the emergency room for one of several reasons – the high expense or the time you have to wait to be seen by a doctor. What do you do in the meantime? Your community should have at least one urgent care center, which gives you an alternative option. Here you’ll be seen, diagnosed and treated by a doctor or a physician assistant.

Here’s how patient treatment procedures work in our Rockville MD urgent care center:

Hours Are More Convenient

That fever and upset stomach you’re suffering from may be a garden-variety stomach virus, food poisoning or it could be the beginnings of appendicitis. Until you see a doctor, you won’t know. The thing is, it’s Thanksgiving Day – or any holiday – and your doctor’s office won’t open again until the next business day.

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While you could go to the emergency room, you’re uncomfortably aware that you’ll languish in a cubicle as others come in with potential life-threatening emergencies. If you have appendicitis, you definitely don’t want to wait. Apply this situation to weekends or hours when your doctor’s office is closed and you know you need to get medical care right away.

You’ll Be Seen for Acute Illness or Injury

An urgent care center can provide patient treatment procedures for most acute illnesses or injuries, as long as they aren’t severe or life-threatening. If you think you’ve broken your wrist on your bike ride, the staff at an urgent care center can assess your symptoms, take an X-ray of your arm and hand and put a temporary cast on.

If you are experiencing asthma symptoms, you can be treated in an urgent care center just as well as in the emergency room, and you’ll likely be seen more quickly.

Urgent care centers employ doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, radiology technicians and medical assistants. Every one of these professionals has the education, experience and knowledge to treat an urgent illness or injury – you’ll provide your medical history to the doctor and undergo a physical. The doctor will also run any tests he deems necessary, then develop patient treatment procedures customized for you. You’ll receive any necessary prescriptions and the doctor will direct you to follow up with your doctor or a specialist.

When You Need Other Services

In urgent care, you can be seen for more than just illnesses or injuries. If you need a pre-employment physical, sports physical or preoperative tests completed, the urgent care center in your community can accommodate you.

When you need to get a physical for any of these purposes, it’s not always easy to get into your doctor’s office. You may be told that the next available appointment is well past the deadline for turning in paperwork for the physical, which doesn’t help you. With an urgent care center, you don’t have to worry about missing mandatory paperwork deadlines – simply walk in, let the front desk staff know what you need and a physician will examine you, run the necessary tests and fill out the paperwork, allowing you to go on with your day.

Get Job and Sports Physicals

When you walk into an urgent care center in Rockville MD for that sports or pre-employment physical, the doctor will do more than just fill out the form you bring in. He’ll take blood, run tests such as a respiratory evaluation, and give you a full physical exam. You’ll have your vision and hearing tested as well. Expect to undergo testing for alcohol and drugs too, especially if your new employer requires this type of testing.