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High-Quality Urgent Care Services near Gaithersburg, MD

gaithersburg MD urgent care clinicIf you are sick or injured when your provider’s office is closed, there is no reason to delay getting the treatment you need. Physicians Now offers Gaithersburg MD urgent care patients an affordable way to get medical care when you need it. Located just 5 miles away in Rockville, whether you have the symptoms of an acute illness or need a physical for your new job, you will see one of our friendly medical professionals with little or no wait time.

Preventive Care 

Physicians Now provides a wide range of preventive care services to help you stay healthy. If you have not had a physical examination in several years, now is a good time to schedule one at our urgent care center near Gaithersburg. One of our providers will review your medical history and perform a thorough exam. If you need any lab tests, you can get them done at our on-site lab for your convenience.

We also offer vaccinations for adults and children. Children should receive the following vaccinations:

  • Tdap
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  • Chickenpox
  • Pneumococcus
  • Haemophilus influenzae type B

Vaccinations available for adults include the flu shot, hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, meningitis, chickenpox, shingles, and human papillomavirus.

Acute Care 

Acute illnesses develop quickly and typically go away within a short amount of time, but it’s still important to see a provider if you have symptoms for more than a day or two. We treat respiratory infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, sinus infections, and other acute illnesses. We also provide treatment for broken bones, lacerations, animal bites, dislocations, and other types of injuries. Physicians Now urgent care center near Gaithersburg administers IV fluids to treat dehydration, so visit our walk-in clinic if you experience lethargy, dry mouth, increased thirst, swollen tongue, or reduced urine output.

Disease Management 

It is especially important to get regular medical care if you have diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, or another chronic medical condition. Seeing a provider regularly makes it more likely you will be able to avoid complications and improve your quality of life. If you take medications for a chronic illness, you should see a provider regularly to ensure the medications are working as intended. If you need a provider to monitor you, come to Physicians Now. One of our staff members will review your history and help you manage your condition.

Urgent Care Services for Employers

If you want to run a profitable business, you must hire the right employees. We offer drug testing services and pre-employment physicals to help you choose the best employees for your company. If you are ready to make a job offer, send the candidate to our walk-in clinic. One of our providers will conduct a thorough exam to ensure the candidate is fit for duty. If one of your employees sustained an injury on the job, protect your assets by sending the injured employee to Physicians Now for post-accident drug testing.

Comprehensive Care at Affordable Prices

At Physicians Now, we provide a wide range of healthcare services to people in the Gaithersburg area. Whether you need preventive care or assistance managing a chronic medical problem, our staff members are available seven days per week. We accept patients with and without health insurance coverage, so come to our walk-in clinic if you need medical care.