Urgent Care for Business

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Keeping your employees healthy is one of the best ways to prevent injuries and reduce your expenses as an employer. Physicians Now provides a wide range of occupational health services to help you hire the best employees and keep them safe on the job. At Physicians Now, employers have access to drug testing services, pre-employment physicals, and evaluation and treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. If any of your employees need urgent care Rockville MD providers will treat them with compassion.

Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing helps employers avoid making hiring decisions that will result in reduced productivity, increased turnover, and increased absenteeism. It is also possible to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation claims by screening applicants for drug use before making any employment offers.

Physicians Now offers pre-employment drug testing in a convenient location, making it easy for applicants to get the tests they need. Employers receive the test results quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to make a hiring decision.

Dehydration Treatment

Employees who work outside or in hot indoor environments are at risk for developing dehydration, a result of excess fluid loss. If an employee becomes dehydrated at work, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide the appropriate treatment. Physicians Now offers intravenous (IV infusion) services for those who need immediate fluid replacement.


If your employees have to travel overseas, they may need immunizations before they leave. Physicians Now provides a number of travel immunizations for employees traveling to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other continents. These immunizations protect workers against infectious diseases such as measles, polio, and cholera.

X-ray Services

Workplace accidents cause fractures, broken bones, and other injuries. If you send your employees to the emergency room, they will likely wait for several hours as providers treat people with heart attacks, respiratory problems, and other more serious ailments. Our urgent care center has reduced wait times, making it a convenient alternative to a crowded emergency room. Physicians Now provides on-site X-ray services, reducing the amount of time it takes for an injured employee to receive the right treatment.

Physical Examinations

Pre-employment examinations can help you make the best hiring decisions, especially if you are recruiting for positions requiring a high level of physical fitness. We perform comprehensive pre-employment physical exams to determine if applicants are suited for certain jobs. Physicians Now also offers physical examinations for applicants seeking their DOT cards. One of our experienced providers will conduct a thorough examination and fill out the required medical examiner’s report, reducing the amount of time it takes to determine if an applicant meets the standards outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act.

Occupational Injuries

If one of your employees sustains a minor injury, it is still important to have the injury evaluated by a provider. Getting the appropriate treatment reduces the risk of infection and other complications, so Physicians Now offers treatment for lacerations, deep cuts, and other minor injuries. When you send your employees to Physicians Now, they will receive the treatment they need in a comfortable setting.

Laboratory Services

Physicians Now has an on-site laboratory, making it a convenient alternative to busy emergency rooms and crowded providers’ offices. In addition to drug testing, we perform blood tests and urine screenings to help diagnose occupational illnesses. Taking advantage of these services can help you identify occupational illnesses in their early stages, making it more likely your employees will recover quickly.

Vision Tests

Some jobs require excellent vision, so employers must ensure applicants meet certain requirements before extending any employment offers. Physicians Now offers vision exams to determine if applicants have certain levels of visual acuity or peripheral vision. One of our providers can also determine if an employee is able to distinguish different colors, which is especially important if you will be hiring someone to drive a company vehicle.

Affordable Occupational Health Services

If your employees need urgent care Rockville MD providers are equipped to treat them quickly. Reduce your company’s expenses by working with Physicians Now to screen potential employees and ensure current employees maintain their fitness for duty. If an employee sustains an injury, Physicians Now will make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan to help the employee return to work as soon as possible.