Urgent Care for Immunizations and Vaccinations

VaccinationsVaccinations are made from weakened forms or surface proteins of disease-causing organisms. When a vaccine agent is introduced to the body, the immune system sees it as a foreign invader and produces antibodies to fight infection. If you are exposed to the same organism in the future, your body will remember it and do a better job fighting it than it would if you did not get the vaccine. There are routine vaccination recommendation for both adults and children, so schedule an appointment with Physicians Now if you are not up-to-date on your shots.


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Adult Vaccinations

As an adult, you still need vaccinations to protect against certain diseases. You should have a flu shot every year to protect yourself against several strains of the influenza virus. If you decide to get the HPV vaccine, you will need three doses to protect yourself against human papillomavirus. The vaccination for hepatitis A is two doses, while the vaccination against hepatitis B consists of three doses. You may also need to be vaccinated against shingles, chickenpox, pneumonia, or meningitis

Vaccines for Travel

If you plan to travel to a foreign country, you will need vaccinations to protect you against diseases caused by infectious organisms found in contaminated food, water, and air. The vaccines you need will depend on where you want to travel. If you will be traveling in a developed country similar to the United States, you may not need anything other than the routine vaccinations recommended for adults. If you will be traveling in undeveloped countries, you may need to be vaccinated against malaria, polio, yellow fever, and other diseases. When you visit our urgent care center, you will have the opportunity to discuss your travel plans with a physician so you get the right vaccinations.

If you need any of these vaccinations, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff members will find an appointment time that fits your schedule so you can get the care you need at a time convenient for you.