Urgent Care for Pre-employment Physical Exams

pre-employment physicalsMore and more companies are now requiring pre-employment exams from potential employees. Some of these exams have to do with the nature of the job. For example, workers might be examined to confirm they are in good form and can perform jobs that are physically demanding.

These exams not only protect the employee from work injuries, but also protect the company against work-related lawsuits for injuries that could have been prevented had the employee been in good physical condition in the first place.

Pre-employment physical exams can only be legally requested after a job has been offered. This ensures that no discrimination issues will arise. This also shows the potential worker that the momentary inconvenience of attending a pre-employment exam is worth it.

Basic Checkup

Pre-employment physical exams at our urgent care Rockville, MD office starts with a measurement of your vital signs.

To start, a nurse will record your weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

You will then answer a number of questions regarding any medications or supplements you might be taking. Some drugs and nutritional supplements can cause drowsiness, nausea and other potentially dangerous side effects. If you’re going to be operating machinery or performing a dangerous job, not being completely awake and aware can be a job hazard.

If you are hired for a high-stress job, the company might also want to know how you handle pressure. For this, your provider might ask questions regarding depression symptoms, changes in mood and behavior, and how you deal with stress. People who turn to smoking or other habits to mitigate stress might not be a good fit for certain jobs, so your provider will look into this as well.

Alcohol and Drug Tests

Alcohol and drug tests have become standard in many companies, and you might be asked to undergo one in order to get a job. Drug/alcohol tests are especially important in high-risk jobs, where employees are handling dangerous or heavy equipment and being intoxicated can result not only in personal harm but also in harm to others and to property.

Alcohol and drug tests can be performed in a number of ways. Breathalyzers, blood tests, urine tests, hair testing and even mouth swaps are all options. The chosen method depends on what the employer is looking for and how fast the results are needed.

Physical Examination

Aside from the basic checkup performed by the nurse, your provider will also check your reflexes, range of motion (and joint health), heart health and respiratory function, hearing issues and pupil dilation. All of these basic checks can help give your provider a more accurate picture of your health status.

The provider will also note any discomfort, pain or swelling you might be experiencing and ask you questions to see if you know what caused it and when it started.

When submitting to a pre-employment exam, keep in mind that the tests performed might changed based on:

  • Your sex
  • Your age
  • Any previous conditions or accidents/injuries you report during the interview
  • Current health conditions or illnesses you’re dealing with

The Results

Once the examination has been completed, the provider will issue a report showing your current health status. He might add recommendations for vaccinations, further blood tests or prescriptions, although this is not always required.

Our primary goal is to comply with your employer’s request so you can start your job as soon as possible. However, we also want to make sure you are aware of any medical conditions or issues you might be dealing with, so you stay safe and work on getting back to optimal health.